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DERBY RACE is a blockchain-based racehorse gaming mobile app operated in both iOS and Android Platform. Derby Race allow global racehorse fans to participate in breaktaking horseracing games selecting the winning racehorse to win dividends or profits as per gaming performances. Derby Race provides not just horseracing gaming options but also many other in-game activities and quests that provides more fun and profitable elements to the users.

01 STEP-01

Blockchain Horseracing Game

Meta Planet provides Brokerage Service Platform integrated with the Horseracing Game in order to provide exchange services using Cryptocurrency and Blockchain data services using various MP-NFTs.

More Game, More Value of NFT Assets

Using Cryptocurrency to add more fun & excitement

P2E Models using various NFT Assets

Mobile-based Gaming App for convenience & fun

02 STEP-02

NFT Asset Management Platform

Meta Planet provides unique, native NFT Asset Marketplace and Management Toolkit that enables MP-NFT holders to easily view, manage, and operate their own unique MP-NFT assets.

NFT Rewards Information and Management

NFT Asset Exchange & Transaction with Marketplace Integration

Real Time-based Dividend Payouts & History

Cryptocurrency-based Deposits and Withdrawals

03 STEP-03

NFT Horse Breeding and Nurturing (Metaverse)

Meta Planet provides unique Metaverse Platform in which users and further enjoy the uniqueness of each different MP-NFTs ranging from various levels of NFT rachhorses to NFT jockeys by training, Breeding, and exchanging with differnet NFT assets to achieve MP-NFTs with higher rarity and performance index.

NFT Breeding & Nurturing for Rarity Acquisition

More Rarity the NFT has, the more Valuable the NFT will be

Automatic Race Entry, Training System

Metaverse-based NFT Racehorse Competition (P2P Race)