Metaverse Game Ecosystem Builder


Meta Planet is a decentralized infrastructure that will function as a gaming ecosystem, incorporating various online gaming, betting, and sharing in Web 3.0 layers.

Decentralized, Blockchain-based
HorseRacing Game


Derby Race is mobile app-based iOS and Android horseracing gaming application. Derby Race provides various betting options at each different automated racing rounds in connection to blockchain-based NFT assets (racehorse, jockey, and stadium).

Blockchain-based Global Gaming &
Commerce-based E-Currency


Meta Planet Token is the native E-Currency used within the Meta Planet Ecosystem from Game Land, Fashion Land to Beauty Land. Meta Planet starts the journey from Gaming Ecosystem, using MPT for Gaming Points Exchange and eventually to various E-Commerce and Investment Vehicles.

Metaverse Game Ecosystem Builder
Metaverse Game Ecosystem Builder

Meta Planet is a complete PLAY TO EARN game ecosystem based on blockchain and powered by $MPT tokens and MP NFTs.
In Meta Planet, players will participate in various game to win rewards using the systematic native utility token, MPT (Meta Planet Token).


DERBY RACE is a blockchain-based racehorse gaming mobile app operated in both iOS and Android Platform. Derby Race allow global racehorse fans to participate in breaktaking horseracing games selecting the winning racehorse to win dividends or profits as per gaming performances. Derby Race provides not just horseracing gaming options but also many other in-game activities and quests that provides more fun and profitable elements to the users.

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Blockchain Horseracing Game

Meta Planet provides Brokerage Service Platform integrated with the Horseracing Game in order to provide exchange services using Cryptocurrency and Blockchain data services using various MP-NFTs.

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NFT Asset Management Platform

Meta Planet provides unique, native NFT Asset Marketplace and Management Toolkit that enables MP-NFT holders to easily view, manage, and operate their own unique MP-NFT assets.

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NFT Horse Breeding and Nurturing (Metaverse)

Meta Planet provides unique Metaverse Platform in which users and further enjoy the uniqueness of each different MP-NFTs ranging from various levels of NFT rachhorses to NFT jockeys by training, Breeding, and exchanging with differnet NFT assets to achieve MP-NFTs with higher rarity and performance index.

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