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What is MP

What is Meta Planet?

Meta Planet is a complete PLAY TO EARN game ecosystem based on blockchain and powered by $MPT tokens and MP NFTs. In Meta Planet, players will participate in various game to win rewards using the systematic native utility token, MPT (Meta Planet Token).

Our mission is to build the world's largest gaming and blockchain community of gamers where users can play their favorite games and enjoy the game to the fullest while, earning profits through gaming with our unique P2E models.

Meta Planet is a Web 3.0 gaming and metaverse focused Platfrom Company that will further expand the ecosystem through continuous onboarding and collaboration with leading projects within blockchain and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space.

Meta Planet Gaming Ecosystem (Game Land)

Meta Planet's first pillar of Metaverse Platform is the Game Land, where various Gaming Apps and Blockchain, NFT Assets are combined together.

Meta Planet shall be releasing three different gaming apps (horseracing, poker and sports betting) in connection with Cryptocurrency exchange platform and Blockchain Data Connection with various MP-NFT Assets.

Horseracing Game

(Derby Race)

Poker & Hold'em Game

(Launching in 2023 Q4)

Sports Betting Game

(Coming Soon)