Metaverse Game Ecosystem Builder



1Q 2022

Establishment of Meta Planet Foundation

Development of Horseracing Gaming App – Derby Race (iOS, Android)

Development of NFT Dividend Solution Program based on Horseracing Gaming App

2Q 2022

Development & Planning of NFT Horse, NFT Jockey Contents

Development of Dividend Rate in Horseracing Gaming App

Development of NFT Rarity Calculation Mechanism

3Q 2022

Systematic Architecture in NFT Horse Synthesis and Crossbreed

Code Audit on Blockchain Source Code

Private Investment Seed-Round

4Q 2022

Establishment of Global Gaming App Publishing Company

Development of Meta Planet Token Ecosystem

Beta Launching of Derby Race (Horseracing Gaming App)

1Q 2023

Official Release of Derby Race (Horseracing Gaming App)

Official Release of NFT Ecosystem based on Horseracing Gaming App

Release and Initial Listing of Meta Planet Token

2Q 2023

Launching of Payment Solution embedded within Game Ecosystem

Public Investment Series-A Round of Meta Planet

Beta Launching of Secondary Gaming Ecosystem (Texas Hold’em Poker)

3Q 2023

Secondary Listing of Meta Planet Token and Launching of DEX Ecosystem

Beta Launching of NFT Fostering System

Release of Decentralized NFT Marketplace designed for Game Items

Gaming Community Partnership and Announcement of Offline Business Ecosystem

4Q 2023

Official Release of iOS and Android-based Texas Hold’em Poker Gaming App

Official Release of CBT Version of Game Land (Metaverse Platform)

Launching of On/Offline Commerce Platform targeting Global Community

1Q 2024

Global Launching of Secondary Project within Meta Planet – Fashion Land

Deployment of Decentralized Investment and Dividend Solution

Global Roadshow Tour of Meta Planet Foundation and Ecosystem

2Q 2024

Launching of Meta Planet Global Business TF

Announcement of Global E-Commerce System based on Game Land and Fashion Land

Beta Launching of Sports-based Gaming Platform

3Q 2024

Establishment and Launching of Meta Planet Investment & Management Division

Launching of P2P-based Global Contents Investment Platform

Announcement of Entertainment Platform Roadmap

4Q 2024

Global Roadshow of Game Land (Horseracing, Poker, and Sports)

Global Roadshow of Fashion Land (E-Commerce, Festival, and Entertainment)

Public Investment Series-B Round of Meta Planet